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Pedigreed Seed

We partner with trusted pedigreed seed growers to bring you leading-edge varieties in wheat, barley, and oats. Contact us for pricing and third-party testing certifications by variety.



AAC Brandon CWRS Wheat

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS wheat. Similar disease resistance to AC® Carberry with 105% yield index, 0.5 day earlier maturity and 1 cm shorter plant height. Excellent lodging resistance.

 Germination: 85%
TKW: 45g
Fusarium: 0%


AAC Redwater CWRS Wheat

Awned, early maturing CWRS wheat with good standability and disease resistance. Ideal in shorter season areas where a short, strong strawed variety with intermediate FHB resistance is desirable.

Germination:  88%
Fusarium: 0%


AAC Crossfield CPRS Wheat

Short, strong straw CPS wheat. Well suited for high inputs and/or under irrigation. Awned. High yielding, better than checks. Improved milling and baking quality.

 Germination: 86%
Fusarium: 0%


AAC Penhold CPRS Wheat

Very short, strong strawed CPS wheat with high yield potential, improved grain protein and good disease resistance. Improved lodging resistance. Very large seed size and heavy test weight. Moderately resistant to FHB. Ideal to areas where standability and straw management are critical.

Germination: 85%
TKW: 48.9g
Fusarium: 0%


AAC Connery HRS Wheat

Takes inputs and won’t fall down-an awnless variety that combines big yields and early maturity with the benefits of short, strong straw and high protein.

Broad adaption, semi-dwarf stature, improved FHB rating, holds its colour and grade

    Germination: 82%
TKW: 44.2g
Fusarium: 0%


AAC Goodwin CPS Red Wheat

A short strong strawed CPS wheat that has high grain yield potential and good disease resistance.  It is unique in that both parent lines are CWRS varieties leading to the highest protein in a CPS wheat currently available.  AAC Goodwin should be well adapted to all growing regions of western Canada.



TKW: 41.6g
Fusarium: 0%



AAC Connect 2-Row Malting Barley

A 2-row malting barley with great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes. Short strong straw. Heavier and plumper kernels. Higher malt extract and friability. Lower wort viscosity and beta glucan content. Best FHB resistance in its class.

          Germination:  97%


CDC Clear 2-row hullless malting Barley

A 2-row hullless malting barley with improved brewing efficiency and higher malt extract.

Demonstrates good agronomic performance and above average disease resistance.



Canmore 2-Row General Purpose Barley

Canmore is a new 2-row general purpose barley. Very good yields, 102% of Xena. Greatly improved lodging resistance over Xena. Higher % plumps and test weight. MR rating to scald. Applications for the feed market, as well as the developing shochu market.

Germination: 85%
TKW: 48.8g


CDC Hilose 2-Row Barley

Fair to good resistance to lodging.  Good tolerance to straw breakage.  Good tolerance to drought.

Germination: 97%


CDC Austenson 2-Row Feed Barley

A 2-row hulled feed barley with top grain yield and short, strong straw.  It produces grain yields higher than Xena along with high test weight and large, plump kernels, CDC Austenson is well adapted across western Canada, and compared to Xena, has shown improved resistance to prevalent races of net form net blotch, spot form net blotch and spot blotch.  This variety is partifularly well-suited to producers seeking a top-yielding 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena.

  Germination: 99%
TKW: 50.2g



CDC Seabiscuit Milling Oat

High grain and milling yield with very plump kernels. High % plump and low % thins. Good kernel characteristics. Yield 111% of check in Alberta.

 Germination: 86%
TKW: 48.6g


CS Camden Milling Oat

A very high yielding oat with short stature and excellent lodging resistance.  Better grain quality than Triactor – higher % plump, less thins, higher beta-glucan. Approved milling variety.

 Germination: 81%


ORe3542M Oats

High yielding, high quality, white hulled Milling oat.  Medium maturing with strong straw and crown rust resistance.




AC Morgan Oats

White hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.  Susceptible to crown and stem rusts and moderately susceptible to smut.

Well adapted to Alberta and rust-free areas of Saskatchewan.

      Germination:   97%   TKW:  42.9g



AC Morgan Oats

White hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.  Susceptible to crown and stem rusts and moderately susceptible to smut.

Well adapted to Alberta and rust-free areas of Saskatchewan.

 Germination: 77%



CDC Amarillo Yellow Pea

A high yielding yellow field pea with very good lodging resistance.  Moderately resistant to Fusarium. Slightly smaller seed size than CDC Saffron.

 Germination: 88%
TKW: 178.1g


CDC Limerick Green Pea

A very high yielding green pea with good lodging resistance.  Smooth, round seeds with good bleaching resistance and high protein content.

 Germination: coming soon
TKW: 237.1g




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