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The seed industry has advanced, and so have we. We’ve invested in technology and sourced only the best processing equipment. At WSCC we offer leading-edge technology to consistently deliver maximum results to our customers. Our equipment includes:

Carter Day Modular Uniflow

The Modular Uniflow is a high capacity indented cylinder separator. Relying upon centrifugal force, the shorter material is lifted by indent pockets that line the inside surface of the cylinder. The operator controls the separation by adjusting the position of the separating edge of the trough, into which the product falls. The trough control makes possible a selection of the exact degree of separation desired. The operator also controls the speed of the cylinder which holds the particle in the indent, lifting it out of the mass until the indent is inverted to the point where gravity causes the particle to fall out of the indent. A screw conveyor then discharges the short-lifted material separate from the tailed long material.

Cimbria DELTA Super Fine Cleaner

This air screen machine uses a combination of suction air that is drawn through the curtain of grain as it falls from the hopper onto a series of screens. The screens then size the product by width of the kernel, and a final air suction process is used.

With an air screen, the grain is fed onto the screens by a vibrating feed system. A feed gate controls the flow and an even flow is given to the machine. Making sure there is an even flow is critical to the quality of the job to be done.

As the grain falls from the feed system onto the screens, there is a process by which air is drawn through the curtain of grain. By doing so, light grain, chaff and dirt are drawn off the product before the grain touches the screens. The air mixed with dirt and other particulars is drawn into an expansion chamber where the chaff separates and the heavy material is augured out. This process is the first thing that happens and it is also the last process as the grain leaves the machine. Increasing or decreasing the air volume allows the operator to decide how much product he wishes to remove.

The screens size the kernels by width. A system of screens removes any product that is wider than the kernel chosen [scalping], or narrower than the product chosen [sifting].

The pitch of each are adjustable, where more or less threshing action is essential, by merely installing it on the opposite side of the central shaft positioned to the desired angle.

Applications include Debeard barley to improve the test weight flow-ability and appearance.
Hull “whitecaps” in wheat and subterranean clover Clip seed oats, making them easier to drill, and easier and faster to clean.

  • Increase the value of poultry and race horse oats by clipping to remove excess fibers and adding a polished lustre.
  • Clip oats with tender hulls which require extreme care during conditioning to minimize hull breakage.
  • Break up alfalfa pods, grass clusters, flax balls, crested wheat, fescues, brome.
  • Rub, polish, and de-awn many seeds other than those mentioned above.

Optical Sorter

All colour optical sorters have the same three components: cameras, air-based ejectors, and software. The operator tells the software which colours should be ejected from the seeds flowing down the sorter’s chutes. When a camera detects an unwanted colour in the flow, compressed air is aimed very accurately to eject the specific material with the unwanted colour. The operator monitors the seed flow through the sorter and adjusts it as necessary to balance the flow with the complexity of the specific sorting task.

Colour sorters make really nice, pristine seed so farmers can put the best possible seed in the ground. And the sorters can upgrade grain – they can take out ergot completely and dramatically reduce the amount of fusarium.

Cimbria Gravity Table

The Cimbria gravity separator is used for the separation of any kind of kernel and granular product of almost identical size but with different weights. The gravity separator is utilized when the limits of air-aspiration systems and screening are reached. The gravity separator cannot replace these earlier sorting steps, but is an additional piece of equipment for separating more accurately according to specific weight.


The debearder operates by means of multiple steel beater arms rotating among similar stationary arms. The rotating bars are completely edged with a super hard material to resist wear. They are factory installed on a 15° angle which serves to rub the commodity, as well as to convey it through the machine.

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